Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow, a month just flew by. . .

Does time just disintegrate in your hands? Time is tangible and then I look at it again, and it is gone. I could touch it, now poof! February was a fun (albeit - difficult at work!) month. I got some new direction. I can actually feel my feet firmly planted in the new direction. Sometimes, ideas come and wow, cant be any better, and yet I don't put any effort behind it. . .just thought and then it is gone, disinterested. Time to move on to the next possibility. Now I feel like I got it I am going to commit to an Etsy Shop. . .Creating is my joy, keeps me sane, keeps me grounded and keeps me busy when the Boi is gone.

Speaking of the Boi, he has had a fun month or so. In less than 6 weeks, he will be on 3 different 10 mile hikes, snowboarding for the first time, playing the bassoon in concert for the first time (he has only played it for 2 months) and now guitar lessons. I am sure I have forgot lots of other fun things he has done. And spring break is next week! Imagine what else he can do!!??

Well I will post the 2 other chandelairs I made up in the next day or so, plus some other "concotions" of mine.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I love making these. So much fun!

These are such a delight.

I will be teaching a class at Crafty Papers at Thunderbird and Tatum

Click their link here:
It will be a Banner Class, there will be a choice of a boy or a girl

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shape Up!

Ok, I Love Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team. I have lurked on her Blogs for a while now. On the Street Team Blog, she gives out a challenge and so many wonderful artist's rise to the occasion. The latest one is Shape Up! No I am not starting an exercise program. So I am finally rising to the challenge. I am going to participate for the first time. . . .my shape is . . . .the diamond shape. . . that lovely harlequin shaped diamond. I had this project in my mind for a while, I had a blank spot on my wall. . .so I must fill it.

As I started working on this project I looked around my living room and dining room and the most amazing thing happened. That shape is everywhere in my house! It is even on my favorite tea towels. WOW.

UGH, I cant find the pics on my computer, I know they are there, they are hiding somewhere.

I found the pics; so here goes.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm A Winner!!!

Look at the cool paper I won from Bazzill. I entered an email drawing and won!
More to creat fun art and scrapbooks with! Thank you Bazzill. I love it!