Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Big "O"

Ok, so it has been a while. . . been busy, some changes, ya all know the drill. . .ok a year, a year and a quarter. . .ok. Well, I am back and I have something I need to share. . .

Right there in the middle of Goodwill! You girls understand. . .just meandering thru the local Goodwill, needed to take in a load and you just cant drop stuff off, ya gotta go in and paruse a little. You never know what you will find, right???!!!!

Well, I wandered around looking in my regular areas. Okay, so not only did I have the big "O", but I am also a Goodwill Whore. Yes, when I walk into the store, I have my route, I never vear, because I really do know where the good stuff is. . . .so there I am walking thru the office supply section. . .I see a big blue box.. . . .I walked past it a few times, but it called to me. . .As I walked up to it to check and see what was IN the box. . .I lifted from the shelf. . . WOW it is HEAVY, much bigger than I thought! . . . . .what could be in this box????

Can you believe it. Flash Cards! Yes, I hit the mother load, 782 file folder weight, no fingerprint, smudges, and smells like paper. . .Flash Cards, the first one I pull out. . .were lost. . . when I saw it, that was it. I was breathless just holding it, but when I saw, were lost, it happened right there in the middle of Goodwill, the Big One. The shopping orgasm! Yes, I know, no shame. I know that you know exactly what I am talking about, that moment when the shopping gods deem you worthy. What an experience!

So, my seceret is out, not only did I have an orgasm in Goodwill, but I am a Goodwil whore.

Love that place. Oh and while I am bearing my soul. . .I even paid FULL price for it. . . $3.99!