Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Projects

There was a HUGE shade on this that was WAY ugly.  

I have a new project I want to share. A few weeks ago Mindy and I went thrifting antiquing in Superior, Miami, and Globe. What an adventure I think we left a few items on the shelves for others to purchase. 1 of my favorite purchases with a lamp that I disassembled and made into something I don't know quite what to call it but I love it and it in my bedroom and I have to share it.

New. . .

I found a new store. . . IT IS AMAZING, it is called Ultimate Consignment.  You can find anything at this  store.  When you want to get rid of something and not deal with ebay or craigslist yourself.  This is the answer.  So here were some of the finds we discovered yesterday. . .a stripper pole

a table that is a giant bellows

vintage tv/stereo cabinet with the original remote

a couch made for Edith Anne

I cant wait to go back!