Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm in LOVE!

It is hard to believe that at 46. . .I feel like 16. I do.

I am a teenager in LOVE!

Guess this is true confessions. When I look at her, the feelings come rushing at me. My heart flutters, she takes my breath away! This feeling is amazing. It is a wonder that we cannot bottle this feeling. I almost forgot what this felt like. Friends have told me it is so CUTE, how much I gush about her. I cant stop talking about her!

Also, want to add, that the Boi is quite smitten with her, too.

Let me introduce my new LOVE. . .Her name is Glenda, she really likes 80's British punk rock (loudly, I might add!). She likes it fast. Loves to go on long rides. . .windows down and music pumping!!

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