Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ok, so I am off for a day of thrifting.  Friend, Mindy, called and wanted to do something today - head out of town??  Wont work with my schedule,  . . .Not with the Boi coming home tomorrow. . . so why not spend the whole day hitting as many Goodwills as possible??  Wanna see where we are going?

It is 6:30am right now. . . I am going to head over to her house to head out.  Both Glinda Blu and Ruby (our two Mini Coopers) will be parked and we are taking the SUBURBAN. . .more room!!!

I will keep you posted as to our progress. . . . .

Our start to the hunt. . .
We are ready to go!!!!                                       

 We are in Sun City for the first buys of the day. . .
                             Love the counter height stool

Next store. . . (atlas has already been "ripped" apart and used)

Mindy has been looking for a dress form. . YEAH

Scored 2 Longaberger baskets  More Yeah

Look at the Huge Gumball machine - SMILE!

 LUV Tupperware!

Wait till you see what Mindy does with the chair

What a nice haul for the day

This is my haul in the back of Glinda Blu

So our trek started with a drive from the Arcadia area to the first store in Sun City. . .we ended up in Fountain Hills and then back to Scottsdale area. . .all in all . . . .8 stores.
I cant wait to show you what we did with some of the buys!  Lots of fun.  Now we are planning our next excursion. 

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