Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Preparations

Yesterday I had some fall fun!  Started the morning dropping the boi off for an Eagle Project for another scout in our troup!. . . then off for me time. . . .This week I discovered a new (its been open a year and I had no idea) scrap store. . . .Craft Fusion. . .  - go check them out, some good classes.

So here is what I did . . . .yesterday morning

 A soldering class. . .fun . . .fun

Mine is the one on the LEFT

Then from Chandler. . .I drove to Glendale to help with Cousins in the Kitchen . . . .to help cuz Dana, Auntie Bev and sis's Amy and Kelly can 20lbs of tomatoes. . .When I got there the last of the ?? number of jars were in the water bath and ran out of propane. . .had to bring those indoors and they had just put in the pressure cooker the first jars of Chili. . .they were very productive. . . .B'na was playing with the boi's; Jack, Andy and Eddy. . .they are sooo cute!  Sorry no pics yet of the canning. . . I do have pics of last weeks adventure into canning apple butter

2 weeks before this we canned 25lbs of Hatch chili's

What is our next adventure into domestic divas?????

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